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Makivik Corporation, Saint-Laurent, Quebec


Makivik Corporation is an Inuit birthright organization established in 1975 pursuant to the James Bay Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA), the first modern land claim agreement in Canada. It is a not-for profit indigenous organization mandated to protect Nunavik Inuit rights, interests and financial compensation received through the JBNQA by:


• Owning and operating profitable business enterprises

• Generating employment

• Socio-economic Opportunities

• Improving housing conditions

• Protection of Inuktitut culture and the natural environment


Makivik is a highly diversified corporation which operates ten wholly owned and joint venture companies with approximately 800 employees. It has one Northern Shrimp licence, holds a 50% interest in the Unaaq licence, and harvests its shrimp and Greenland Halibut quotas through a strategic partnership with another licence holder. Its fisheries operations are vital to the social and economic well being of Nunavik’s 15 communities and 14,000 residents.  

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