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Nunatsiavut Group of Companies (NGC), Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, NL


The Nunatsiavut Group of Companies (NGC) formerly known as the Labrador Inuit Development Corporation (LIDC) is the business arm of the Nunatsiavut Government. Reporting to the Labrador Inuit Capital Strategy Trust (LICST), the Group’s business lines include marine transportation, air transportation, commercial real estate, construction, remote camp operations, logistics, heavy civil and approximately 30 years in the commercial fishery operations. NGC mission is “To create wealth in trust for Nunatsiavut Beneficiaries by owning profitable, sustainable businesses”, and “To be an Inuit led business leader in the North.”


Over the last 30 plus years, NGC has grown organically and through acquisition with revenues growing from $3 to $40 million in recent years. NGC will continue to play a major role in the fishery and invest back into the industry while at the same time building the region of Nunatsiavut through other investments corporately and socially. NGC is majority owner in one Northern Shrimp licence, Pikalujak Fisheries and harvests its Northern Shrimp and Greenland Halibut quotas through a strategic partnership with another fishing company. Annually, the organization employs approximately 400 people in 6 corporate entities, the benefits of which accrue to 7000 land claim beneficiaries.(Note: communities served by Torngat overlap with NGC.)

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